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was able to climb el capit ark in. >> reporter: steve loffler admit he is seems like he needs a lot of help. >> 99% of the time, people say i need help. i beg to diver. >> reporter: it's easy to see he has always done what he's set his mind fop he graduated from u.k. davis, he's married with two great kids, and started his own foundation. >> i don't ever let anything stop me anything. >> reporter: steve set his mind to doing something absurd. he decided to dliem the 220 foot route up el capitain, and make a movie called loffler's ascent. and he is not a climber, he has a fear of height, and has see reach ball palsy. a good climber can go about 200 feet in app 2 days. >> -- can get up in 2 days. >> how far did you get on the first day? >> 400 feet. >> on the 4th day, it got more challenging. >> e. >> i was almost passing out, i was dehydrating, and more. >> reporter: but he had to finish, because he had made a promise. >> i wad was doing this for some kids. i couldn't get quit. >> reporter: he take kid into the wilderness to show them what's possible in their lives. on day 6, steve
signatures supporting the move. league lawyers say critics of the nonprofit status are "misguided" steve job's legacy is "parked" in history. the garage where he and steve wozniak started apple has been named an historic site. the silicon valley structure built in 19-62 is where steve jobs grew up. it's owned by the jobs trust. the "jobs" garage is only 10 miles from the gargage where hewlett- packard got its start. it was granted landmark status in 2007. india launches an unmanned mission to mars today. the $73.5 million project is the nation's first interplanetary probe. if successful, the orbiter will reach mars in september of 2014. still to come... from humble beginnings to a sought after stock.... we track one of the fashion world's most sucessful ipos. plus...would you buy twitter stock on day one? you might want to hear our upcoming report before deciding.... and straight ahead...if you thought the housing crisis was over....think again. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the housing crisis is far from over for some americans.. joining us now-- to take about the collateral dam
time to wait. i don't understand. >> reporter: walnut creek police officer steve rower says long waits are common, but he told us about one car he stopped that shows how easily people can get away with ignoring the law. >> they are driving around with paper dealer plates on their car for seven years of. >> reporter: what did they say? >> they said they just hadn't put them on yet. >> mtc for years has advocated for a change in state law that would require any car once it leigh the lot to actually -- leave the lot it actually have a license plate. >> reporter: the mtc solution involves temporary numbered plates at point of sale to close the loophole. to date no lawmaker has stepped up to introduce legislation. the officer said he talked with his state senator of concord four times and this led nowhere. >> each time he said he was going to fix it and hasn't done anything to this point. >> reporter: we decided to come to sacramento and ask state lawmakers why there seems to be no political will to solve this problem. after a transportation committee hearing this month chaired by state
for his foundation but i asked steve how the kids he promised reacted to his reaching the top. >> steve couldn't answer but his wife said the kids now see steve as a champion. >> these children can put a face to their own optimism they can put a face to their own hope, their own self- expectations that is what he did climbing that mountain. >> reporter: it has already won 46 awards at film festivals. he says his feet fete shows you can do anything. >>> great story just amazing. as far as our weather, a first look for today. >>> drop in temperatures right now currently 54 degrees san francisco but the north bay look at these temperatures dropping off santa rosa, right now 44 degrees, more neighbourhoods, petaluma, 43, san raphael, 51, quick check on the east bay, concord, liver more a few more spots dropping back down to lower 40s. walnut creek, 44 degrees. forecast tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, temperatures coolest locations in the 30s. santa rosa, napa, 40s. patchy fog near the coast. dry and mild this weekend see temperature timeline throughout the day by 4:00 p.m.
warning flag. steve bernas is president and ceo of the bbb of nothern illinois. i was astounded at what customers can pay through the rent-to-own process. > >most customers are astounded by that. they don't realize that sometimes you can pay double of what it would cost you if you bought it outright first with cash. people have to be very careful and read the fine print on those contracts because they soemtimes lock you in sometimes through long term contracts. > >and some consumer groups say that the people least able to pay these high fees are the ones who are typically doing that. > >exactly. the advertisements are geared to those people that can't afford it unfortunately---the people that can't pay cash or don't save up for it. so you have to be very careful. it sounds good but you can end up paying double. > >for short term renting, it's probably okay as long as you return the tv set? > >short term is okay but it's gotta be very short term. and most consumers don't go full term with those contracts so be very careful how long you go. make certain that you can afford it as well. > >
that happened that was sort of like took note. >> reporter: neighbors like steve helped organize a security patrol. more than 600 subscribers are paying $80 heres to party of security. to keep an eye on them. other neighborrings, though, are worried about private patrols on their streets. >> i'd rather have the oakland police. their have the speedometer accident their trained. and the features of oakland. >> the city has opened a sock store across the street. >> reporter: les taylor opens three businesses along college avenue. and she says she welcomes more eyes and ears around town. >> i think anything we have out there is better than what we have now. >> reporter: i talkedded with with oakland police about an hour and a half ago and they say they welcome the extra patrols. this patrol is on a trial basis for now. that trial ends in february. the neighborhood could decide to continue the service at that time. we're live in oakland. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there have been more robberies targeting students this semester. we told you about a wrath of robberies on and near campus. in the fast
.yesterday, ceo steve ballmer gave his final remarks to shareholders before he leaves the positions. his comments moved chairman bill gates to tears. united continental has its sights set on saving. united is cutting back in an effort to save 2 billion dollars. the airline will re-route flights from asia to europe, to burn less fuel, and overhaul its website. there are no plans to reduce the workforce. united stock popped nearly 4%. on the news. a meeting on capitol hill proved beneficial to bitcoin investors. the virtual currency hit a new record high of 700 dollars in trading this week. after officials in a hearing on capitol hill backed bitcoin, testifying no new regulators will be needed to oversee it. some skeptics are wary the internet commerce is too complex. however lawmakers focused on "pros" of the system in yesterday's hearing. "some proponents -- now proponents believe that digital currencies can prove valuable to those in developing countries without access to stable financial systems. others believe it could prove to be the next generation payment system for retailers both online
338 percent in the last seven years. steve sheldon is the president of rainbo records, a vinyl manufacturer that presses nearly 25,000 records a day. his company has been in the business since 1939, and says the demand for vinyl records is unlike anything they've seen in years. this year has been the busiest for uswere doing double what we were doing two years ago. capacity is at 100 percent. and it's about the 13-25 year old range that is making these hot off the press vinyls (throw record) fly off store shelves. it's a tangible item and they were brought up on virtual everything. i think they are enjoying handling the records, handling the jacket; the artwork on the album cover was always an attraction. here it is really awesome to see a 15 year old say "oh i just got a turntable for my first time, what do i buy?" and they are extremely excited about it. adrienne pearson works at amoeba records on sunset blvd in hollywood, california and says that record labels have worked in an extra incentive to buy vinyl. i could honestly say within the past 5 years vinyl record sales have
with a cloudy sky. things are changing drastically and steve will have the updated forecast coming up. >> stay tuned. thank you mark. >>> excitement is growing among engineers and scientists for tomorrow's nasa mission to mars. nasa is expected to launch the maven. maven stands for mars atmosphere and volatile evolution. the project will help scientists study climate change on both planets. >>> reminder for car owners who let their payments slide. the french payment company installed technology that disabled the battery and renders the car useless if payments are late. it's not clear how strict the payment schedule is but it could provide a whole new meaning for the saying excuse my french. >> the flip side is if someone steals the car, they can shut it down. >>> could will be a quarterback controversy brewing in oakland. we will show you why. >> and the saints game co >>> play offs? don't talk about play offs. are you kidding me? play offs. good evening everyone thanks for joining us on the this sunday night edition. that famous quote came to my mind today after watching san francisco against
into friday morning i think we'll be breezy at the hills. and steve paulson will be tracking any changes on the hills. >>> and mothers might give their unborn babies a sudden brain boost with a little exercise. they found the babies of active mothers scored higher. they're doing research to see if those results are long lasting but the study underscores the importance of exercise for pregnantwomen. >>> all of a sudden it's wall to wall college bowls. >> you should be toasting victory right about now but stanford looking at disjointed as they did most of last year. come out in the tip off marathon. and give up 112 points to byu. and the football coach basking in the glory of things and the cardinal forward dwight powell shows up large. 28 points. but it's left-handed looking matt calino with 26 points for byu. you will see him take it pillar to post again. everybody scoring for byu against stanford tonight. the final 112-103. and anyone who follows stanford women's basketball squad, got to be just plain sick and tired of uconn just to make matters worse. national championship banner prior
this tomorrow. steve will be here tomorrow morning. >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. mark's here now, another good night for the warriors. >>> nice night again. the nba's elite make a habit of winning away from home. and the warriors make it look like no big deal. no much misery in the path to paste the jazz. the warriors steph curry to harrison barnes. curry inbounds, picket fence on the baseline. get it back, pop it. and he had 22 tonight. the warriors pull away in the 3rd. three steals also for steph. here's one for clay thompson. and the warriors go up 28 points. thompson hits 17 and they coast in 98-87. they're 3-3 so far out on the road. >>> the story of the off-season for the giants postseason, tale of timmy's. hudson added to the staff today, expensive for a 38-year- old pitcher recovering from a broken leg. he comes back to the bay for 2 years, $23 million. the winningest active pitcher in the major leagues however right now with 205. nothing to sneeze at. >>> monday night football as the seconds tick away, tom brady gets ticked off. find out what >>> i guess you could say the patrio
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)